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'Without them' @ Seth's Blog

Seth Godin para mim é um guru na arte da gestão que já escreveu uma série de livros que aprecio e acima de tudo provocam.
Sigo o seu blog atentamente, e hoje dizia:

'One of the most common things I hear is, "I'd like to do something remarkable like that, but my xyz won't let me." Where xyz = my boss, my publisher, my partner, my licensor, my franchisor, etc.

Well, you can fail by going along with that and not doing it, or you can do it, cause a ruckus and work things out later.

In my experience, once it's clear you're willing (not just willing, but itching, moving, and yes, implementing) without them, things start to happen. People are rarely willing to step up and stop you, and often just waiting to follow someone crazy enough to actually do something.

I'm going. Come along if you like.'

Aprendo sempre!

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